TheraLab (Speech and Language Research and Rehabilitation Laboratory)

TheraLab was established in 2013 through internal funding from Cyprus University of Technology to Assistant Professor Kakia Petinou and is part of the Speech and Language Pathology program of the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences in the School of Health Sciences. TheraLab is one of the few basic research centres of rehabilitation in Cyprus at a state University and mainly focuses in longitudinal studies of language acquisition and delay in the early years of life (infancy to pre-school age). Its aim is to study typical early language abilities and difficulties in the production and comprehension of language, through the use of innovative research approaches and the development of sensitive and reliable diagnostic tools of language evaluation and rehabilitation in the paediatric population.

TheraLab aims at:

  • the study if early language development in typical and atypical populations through the collection and processing of speech samples from children in Cyprus
  • the study of the typical developmental course of language abilities, which is considered essential in the development of reliable and sensitive diagnostic tools, for the evaluation and rehabilitation of language problems
  • the study of a series of language features in children’s early language delay in an effort to identify clinical markers of persistent language impairment
  • the development of new and modern methods for the diagnosis and rehabilitation of language impairments
  • the promotion of the language rehabilitation sciences at national, European and international level